To the Ice - Images from the Antarctic




'…I watched the low morning sun run fiery fingers across the flat sea turning it into silver glitter, and fog and mist blur the edge where sea and sky met… it was like sailing through a veil…'


To the Ice is a full colour 80 page book of painting and photography by Jenni Mitchell, produced from her voyage as Artist-in-Residence with the Australian Antarctic Division on the re-supply ship MV Polar Bird to Casey Station.



Printed on Archival paper, 21 x 29 limited to 1,000 copies.

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Special Edition - $59.95

Numbered and signed by the author


Standard Edition -$49.95


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I am available for a range of workshops and lectures and have experience with community groups, schools and art students.




landscape & studio

Workshops can be tailored to suit needs. I have had many years experience with taking painters into the Australian landscape for ‘plein aire’ painting workshops using a variety of materials and techniques such as oil, gouache and drawing. Workshops can also be run in the studio using still life methods and working from the ‘inner self’.


‘In the Field’ workshops are directed into learning skills to help the student ‘SEE’ the landscape and find the best methods of transposing the subject onto the canvas or sketch paper.


I will be happy to give demonstrations as part of a ‘hands-on’ workshop or will give a ‘demonstration’ as a stand alone workshop.



portrait workshops

Through demonstration I will guide the student to paint the portrait from life. This can be achieved using any materials – the important aspect is to understand how to take the essential shapes and tones from the subject and direct these to the canvas, paper or sketch pad.



tone and colour

Suitable for beginners and those interested in traditional technique

black and white

These workshops are designed to give the student an understanding of tone using black and white paint. The first exercise is to create a tonal chart that the student can use for future reference in all painting.


This workshop will allow the student to create a personal colour chart using their own materials from personal paint boxes. This is the best method for being able to reproduce accurate colour – rather than relying on colour charts from books and wondering why the colours are not the same! This chart can be used for all future painting tasks when colour mixing is involved.



public speaking



Salt Ice is an illustrated talk depicting the visual comparison between SALT and ICE - the hot inland desert of Lake Eyre and the frozen sea desert of the Antarctic. I will show images of the macro and micro landscape of these extreme landscapes and show how similar they can appear.




A talk about travelling into extreme landscapes and the sense of ‘other worldliness’ I have derived from them and how I have used these experiences in my work through painting, photography and writing.




painting portraits




In 1982 I began a series of 100 Australian poets’ portraits. This series of work was painted either in my studio or at the homes of the poets whom I painted. The experience of each portrait was different – I will talk about how some portraits took many sitting and others were painted quickly with just one sitting. I will speak about ‘pre-conceived’ ideas, planning and what to expect and what not to expect.


As well as the series of poets’ portraits I have began a series of ‘extra-ordinary’ people. These portraits were from a cross section of our society and included writers, artists, sports people and musicians.



To discuss any of these workshops and lectures, please contact me at:




Debby Golvan

Golvan Arts Management

(03) 9853 5341

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