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19/02/2014 | Exhibitions
New Exhibition at Eltham South Fine Art: Studios & Gallery.

Opens Sunday 23 February until 30 March.
30/10/2013 | Exhibitions
OPENING Sunday 10 November at
The Eltham South Fine Art Gallery
6 Mt. Pleasant Road, Eltham Victoria
enquiries: (03) 9439 3458
25/10/2013 | Exhibitions
The Spring Show will be closing 3 November. See more details at
25/10/2013 | Exhibitions
The culmination of Jenni Mitchell & Mervyn Hannan's journey to Mongolia during 2010 & 2012. This exhibition will show the painting, photography and textile work along with some Australian work by their Mongolian friend Tugsoo Sodnom. The three artists travelled together to the Flinders Ranges in SA during 2005 and held the first of three exhibition titled DESERT SHARING in the Barn Gallery at Montsalvat soon after.

The artists vowed to continue travelling and painting together to explore both the Mongolian and the Australian deserts. During their travels to Mongolia they painted in the central steppe regions of Mongolia Khorhorin, the North East in the Siberian Forests and the south to the Gobi Desert.

The exhibition will open 10 November and continue until 24 December.
18/06/2013 | Exhibitions
THE LATE WINTER SHOW opens Sunday 4 August @ 2.00pm.
Come and join us for a celebration of the Winter exhibition.

New works by Jenni Mitchell and Mervyn Hannan along with Piers Bateman, Hilary Jackman and Retro Eltham artists.

See more at
25/04/2013 | General News
Poetry Reading at Eltham South Fine Art: Studios and Gallery
26 May 2013
Judith Rodrigeuz | Alex Skovron | Jannet R. Boddy
4.30 pm
bookings 9439 3458
Cost $6.00
29/02/2012 | Expeditions

JENNI MITCHELL & MERVYN HANNAN will soon be leaving the winter in Melbourne for the tropic temperatures of Timore Leste. They are part of an NGO team from the Eltham Rotary Club working on the construction of an accommodation quarter for an orphanage 25 kilometres from the capital Dilli. Team leader Ian Toohill will have a contingent of 19 volunteers involved in such activities as the building construction, nursing skills to pass onto the children and other programs as required.

A number of electric sewing machines have gone ahead and I am hoping to be able to spend time teaching the children to use them as well as helping them with other skills such as painting and craft work.

My main role in the volunteering program will be to document the project over the weeks through photography, video, text and painting. I am hoping to forged relationships with the local women weavers and artists from the contemporary painting school with a view to bringing some of their work back to show in our Eltham gallery.

Follow our progress as the journey unfolds at:

The Eltham South Fine Art Gallery will be closed until July 25.
Soon after on 4 August we will hold the next exhibition celebration for our LATE WINTER SHOW. The Late Winter Show will showcase works predominantly by Jenni Mitchell and Mervyn Hannan along with Hilary Jackman, Piers Bateman and artists from our Retro Eltham Show. The Gallery will continue a section of Eltham Retro Artists.

Details of the exhibitions can be viewed at:

The photograph depicts the travel arrangements of the traditional Mongolian Nomadic herders - with Yak train setting off for greener pastures. We will be flying to Timor.

Jenni Mitchell


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